Saturday, 7 May 2016

Midsem break.

Hi guys!!We meet again.It has been a while again.Hahaha.Like..yeah,I do not have the chance to write eventhough a teensy because of my pack schedule.So I want to share with you of what I had been doing last monh,if it wasn't my semester...excuse me,my mid semester break.Yeepi!

So anyway,my midsem break happened to be as short as only a week vacation,and in as much as that,It did not feel that exciting after all.

I did not do much too during the holiday since mom and pop were busy with their works except that I spent a lot with mom,going to clinic and whatnot,She was not that well with her health at that time.So instead of going out like I usually do,I had to take care of her and spent all of the time in my room,drawing.

Seemed boring,huh?But yeah,that is all that I can do...Cause I am used to be alone and my bestfriends are only my paintings and my artworks.How sad my life is but wonderful to me.Me and my lil own universe.

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