Sunday, 20 March 2016

Tsubaki Chou Lonely Planet

Less than 3 days huh??But I have already posted this approximately less than 3 hours.Hahaha.

So anyway,I am going to do some review on one of the comic I have read during sem break.The title is as I have mentioned above.

For me,this story is kinda exciting since it is not just a typical love story I frequently read.So,it is not that corny.

Kyaa!Sensei is so handsome!

The story is about a highschool girl named Ohno Fumi who has to struggle finding works to pay back her father's debt.She then is sent to be a maid to a house in Tsubaki Chou resident.There,she meets Kibikino Sensei who is a novelist and also the landlord of the house.Their love story starts once they're living together.Sounds cliche,huh?But I recommend you guys to read it first.Don't judge a story by it's synopsis.Hahaha. xD

So that is all for today.See you guys later.

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